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Strawberry Rabbit Bedding Set Spring Flower Bed

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The Strawberry Rabbit Bedding Set is a delightful and charming bedding collection that brings a touch of spring and nature-inspired freshness to your bedroom decor. Here are the details for this lovely bedding set:

🍓 Strawberry Rabbit Design: This bedding set features a whimsical and cute design with strawberries and rabbits amidst spring flowers and blue tulips. The adorable and fresh print creates a cheerful and lively atmosphere in your bedroom.

🌼 Size Options: You can choose from various size options, including single and double sizes, to fit your bed perfectly. Each set includes a duvet cover and matching pillowcases, providing a complete bedding solution.

🌸 High-Quality Material: The bedding set is made from high-quality fabric that is soft, comfortable, and durable. It's designed for a comfortable night's sleep and is gentle on the skin. The material is easy to care for and maintain.

🎨 Fresh and Vibrant Colors: The bedding set features fresh and vibrant colors that evoke the beauty of spring and nature. The strawberries, rabbits, and flowers come to life with their lively and colorful appearance.

🏡 Home Decor: Whether you're decorating a child's bedroom, a guest room, or your own space, this bedding set adds a touch of freshness and charm to your decor. It brings the beauty of spring indoors.

🎁 Perfect for Nature and Animal Lovers: If you or your loved ones have a fondness for nature, animals, or simply appreciate cheerful and cute designs, this bedding set makes a wonderful gift. It's a delightful way to infuse your living space with a breath of fresh air.

These are the different size options and what each set includes for the bedding set you're interested in:

Twin / Single 3pc Set:

  • Duvet Cover: 150x200cm (59x79 inches) *1pc
  • Bedsheet: 160x230cm (63x91 inches) *1pc
  • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (19x29 inches) *1pc

Twin / Single 4pc Set:

  • Duvet Cover: 150x200cm (59x79 inches) *1pc
  • Bedsheet: 200x230cm (79x91 inches) *1pc
  • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (19x29 inches) *2pcs

Full / Double 4pc Set:

  • Duvet Cover: 180x220cm (71x87 inches) *1pc
  • Bedsheet: 230x230cm (91x91 inches) *1pc
  • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (19x29 inches) *2pcs

Queen 4pc Set:

  • Duvet Cover: 200x230cm (79x91 inches) *1pc
  • Bedsheet: 230x230cm (91x91 inches) *1pc
  • Pillowcase: 48x74cm (19x29 inches) *2pcs

Please note that the Twin / Single 3pc set includes one pillowcase, while the Twin / Single 4pc set includes two pillowcases. Similarly, the other sets also include two pillowcases. Before making your purchase, it's important to check the size of your duvet (quilt) to ensure that you choose the right bedding set size that matches your duvet size. This will help you achieve a perfect fit for your bedding.


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