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4pcs Sank Magic Practice Copybook Pen Preschools Kids Calligraphy English Verison Free Wiping Children Reusable Writing Book

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4 PCS Set Magic Practice Book For Kids Handwriting -with 4 Arabi Book,1 Pen, 7 sis and a gripper

  • It can be used as a book and notebook at the same time.
  • The days of worrying about your baby's handwriting are over.
  • Size of Book - 7.5 x 5.5 inches (19cm x 13cm)
  • Handwriting not being nice or straight?
  • This book will work especially well for learning your baby's handwriting.
  • This account will be auto deleted within 5-10 minutes of writing.
  • Alphabets and pictures are indented which makes it easier for children to write and read as well.
  • It is very high quality thick paper and very strong which will not get damaged easily.
  • The pen will come with a rubber grip that the baby can write very easily
    You can save yourself from the waste of buying books again and again.
  • This set contains 4 books (Bangla, English, Math and Arabi), 1 pen, 7 pencils and a gripper.
  • There are different types of pictures (fruits, flowers, animals, birds etc.) to attract children.








How does pen control training help children?


First: stimulate children's interest in calligraphy


Practicing calligraphy is relatively boring for most children. After all, children's concentration is quite limited. The material of pen control is very interesting, which makes children feel like drawing.


Second: enhance the strength of children's pen holding and writing flexibility


Recall that when we just wrote, we held the pen tightly, and every stroke was very heavy, sometimes even scratched the book. In fact, these are the performance of insufficient hand strength and inflexibility. The practice of pen control can comprehensively improve the brain's ability to control hand movements, and can perfectly solve the above writing problems.


Third: Improve children's concentration


The practice of pen control requires the child to trace stroke by stroke according to the stroke shape on the pen control copybook, which requires the child to focus on. Therefore, pen control can greatly improve children's concentration and concentration duration.

If the method is wrong, the effort will be wasted. When practicing calligraphy, we must not neglect the practice of pen control. Brother Xiaoshi designed a set of pen control exercise paper to help children learn to write easily so that they can avoid detours in the process of practice.





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